In my 8 years on the National Team, I haven’t come across a more beneficial cross training regimen to help strengthen those vital core muscles. My time with Randi was invaluable.
— Erik Vendt: Two Time Olympic Silver Medalist
I love Pilates! I can see and feel the changes to my body. I wish I could do it every day!
— Vicki: TV News Editor
How delighted I was to find an instructor who knows precisely what the challenges are, both physical and emotional, for a new mother of twins – and how to overcome them in a program I can continue to follow at home.
— Marina Belica: Lead Singer of The October Project
I’d crawl to Pilates if I had to. It will be the last thing I ever give up.
— Jenny: 91 years old
If it weren’t for Randi and Pilates I wouldn’t be walking. Pilates has been instrumental in helping me recover from a stroke and brain surgery – recreating pathways between my brain and muscles.
— Dr. Rachelle Scott: Pediatric Dermatologist
If alignment, injury prevention, and getting the most out of the time you spend exercising are important to you, then Randi is the Pilates teacher for you! She made me feel strong again after a twin pregnancy and bedrest.
— Laura Clark: Mother