Meet Randi Stone

NYC Pilates Founder & Owner

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Featured on Access Hollywood as “Pilates Trainer to the Stars,” Randi has been teaching Pilates for over 15 years.

Randi began Pilates in 1999 after having back surgery, as the only form of exercise that addressed asymmetries in the musculature of her back resulting from scoliosis. Pilates helped improve her posture and alleviated her formerly chronic back pain, providing the strength and flexibility to remain active through a twin pregnancy in 2004.

Randi studied with Romana Kryzanowska, protégé of Joseph Pilates; Sue Hitzman, founder of the MELT Method; and Julie Tupler, creator of Diastasis Rehab. She is also certified in Power Pilates mat and is a pelvic floor guru. Randi discovered Julie Tupler’s work on Diastasis Rehab while pregnant and began taking MELT classes immediately after having twins in 2004. These are both great compliments to Pilates, helping clients delve deeper into their bodies’ potential for strength, length, and stability.

After practicing Pilates throughout a 37 week pregnancy with twins, Randi took in-house pre and post-natal certification while teaching at the Sports Club LA. She participated in numerous advanced courses pertaining to pregnancy and fitness. Randi also studied with Julie Tupler, renowned for her work with Diastasis (abdominal muscles separation that often results from pregnancy) rehabilitation and prevention.

Randi has personally trained hundreds of pregnant and postnatal clients privately and in a group classes. She has also taught pre- and post-natal continuing education courses to Pilates instructors at prominent Pilates studios throughout Manhattan, including Uptown Pilates, the Center Studio and Equinox (85th and 3rd Ave).

Randi trains all body types and caters to people with varied interests – men and women who want to: increase their flexibility, strengthen and lengthen their muscles for a longer and leaner look, and/or recover from injuries. 

Randi’s clients range from professional athletes and sports team trainers to Broadway dancers to pre and post-natal women, to people recuperating from injuries and trauma, like strokes. She has also had corporate clients such as the New York Times and Viacom-MTV. Pilates also keeps Randi herself fit so she can keep up with her teenage twins!