Private Sessions

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Pilates is the anchor of our wellness and movement studio. Contact us at or call (917) 933-3965 to sign-up for individual instruction using the full array of Pilates equipment. All of our amazing teachers have years of experience, and most are certified in other complimentary modalities, such as yoga, MELT, Yamuna, etc. and/or have worked in conjunction with physical therapists and other rehabilitation specialists. (Privates start at $120 for individual sessions and go down to $110 / session for pre-paid packages.)



Our fabulous instructors are certified in many modalities. Contact us at or call (917) 933-3965 about taking sessions that combine the best of Pilates, yoga, MELT, Yamuna, Diastasis Repair, Pelvic floor work and more! We will tailor the session to include the systems and modalities that are best for you, your body and meeting your goals.



We offer private yoga instruction either in the main studio or in a private room down the hall. Contact us at or call (917) 933-3965 for more information.